“Pretty In Pink And Black” – Demo Painting

Fine Art Painting
“Pretty In Pink & Black” by Mollie Walker Freeman

“Pretty In Pink And Black” is the painting I actually did for the demo at the Loveland Museum Gallery. The one I was trying to write about the other day, in this post. The other painting, “Bird In The Woods,” was done for an instructional video. (Hmm…maybe I should post it?) Anyway, this painting was done using a photo reference, using my usual “upcycled” house paint. It’s painted on a type of particle board, which I sometimes use. It’s very easy to frame, but heavier than canvas.

I had a lovely time doing this piece, and I like the colors. I like color, and experimenting with various color palettes. In fact, I really don’t do any “drawing” per se. I just go right for the color. I’m inspired by color. Also, music.

What inspires you? If you are an artist, I’d love to hear what inspires your work. Is it poetry, imagery, a cause to express? Is it the work of particular artists? Spiritual themes? People or animals? Something else?


2 thoughts on ““Pretty In Pink And Black” – Demo Painting

  1. I really love the energy of this piece, Mollie!

    I am inspired by light, I think. I love it – how it shapes clouds, reflects off of water, creates shadows, and portrays mood. Other things inspire me too, but light stands out to me the most 🙂


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