“On Fire” Painting

On Fire by Mollie Walker Freeman
On Fire by Mollie Walker Freeman
“On Fire” painting by Mollie Walker Freeman

Worship painting is a favorite for me, and that’s what this painting is. My friend, Jorie, recorded an awesome worship CD, along with hubby, Matt, and numerous friends. She invited me to be a part of the live recording session, and also the CD release concert. I posted about this painting on another blog, and you can see it here, if you’re interested.

Jorie has a song entitled, “Love Like Fire.” In fact, the whole CD has the same title. You can find it here, on iTunes. That is the song that inspired this painting. The whole album is really great, so I hope you’ll check it out, if you like worship, the way I do.


“Sisters – Love Rules”

Art by Mollie Walker Freeman
Art by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Sisters – Love Rules” by Mollie Walker Freeman, 8″ x 10″

My mother was one of three sisters, and my father has three sisters. Though I did not get the sister I hoped for, my third child is a daughter, Sierra. We wanted a sister for her, but our fourth child was a boy, whom we also love! Sierra was happy to have a new little brother, but sad because she imagined that her dream of having a little sister would never come true.

Every evening at the dinner table, little Sierra would pray to God, “and Lord, please give me a baby sister.” Broke my heart! We were not planning any more babies for our family. But, it seems the prayers of 4 year old girls can be a powerful thing. A couple of years later, we decided to try for baby number five. The next year, Renee was born.

Sierra was more like a miniature mommy than a sister, at first. As a toddler, Renee preferred Sierra to me, most of the time. Now that these sisters are grown, it warms my heart to see them together!

I have friends who are close to their sisters (and some who do not get along at all). But when it’s good, I always appreciate the special relationships these ladies have with one another. I’m thinking of my yoga teacher and her sister, and a good friend from church and hers. My aunts have lost their sister, my mother.

If you are a sister, I hope you are able celebrate the gift of your special, life-long friend.

“Love Rules V”

Painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
Painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Love Rules V” by Mollie Walker Freeman, upcycled house paint on canvas, 8″ x 10″

Love once seemed to me to be a cliche topic. So many songs, books, movies, etc. for decades and millennia…Well, maybe it is cliche. I don’t really care, because love is still a valid subject. I’m rather fond of it. I’m not a very sentimental person, actually. But love is a worthy topic, apart from sentimentality. Love is not an easy thing. So, I feel like I should celebrate it whenever love triumphs. Whenever someone chooses to be unselfish, kind, forgiving; it’s something to recognize.

The natural love we have for our children is a fine example. Our babies are barely emerged from the womb when they begin pooping and vomiting all over us and our belongings. They are self-centered, always wanting food and attention. They don’t contribute much, at the beginning. But God, in His great wisdom, has made them irresistible, and so the human race continues to propagate itself. I do love my kids, and have since day 1!

"Mother And Child (Love Rules II)" by Mollie Walker Freeman, watercolor on board, 8" x 10" (SOLD)
“Mother And Child (Love Rules II)” by Mollie Walker Freeman, watercolor on board, 8″ x 10″ (SOLD)

Romantic love also requires selflessness, if it is to survive. Couple sometimes stay together in the face of all manner of hardship. And, since many do not remain together, it seems to me that the ones who make it through and still like each other, after all, deserve some kudos.

I’ve done a series of 8″ x 10″ paintings, both watercolor and upcycled house paint, called “Love Rules.” The size seems more accessible and intimate, to me. Hope you enjoy them.

“Songs Of Deliverance”

art, painting
art, painting
“Songs Of Deliverance” – by Mollie Walker Freeman

Many of my close friends are professional musicians. That may sound glamorous to some, but close up, it may mean that what you are really good at can consume your life and make it tough to make a living. Still, I love, love, LOVE good music, and the people who create it.

A few years ago, my friend Jorie Henderson made a record called “Songs Of Deliverance.” The music is glorious, in my opinion! Also, she asked me to do a painting for the cover art. This is the piece I did for her. I wanted to convey freedom, deliverance from the things which can haunt us and weigh us down. I also wanted to use some of Jorie’s favorite colors.

You can find Jorie’s disc here. She has since made another full length recording with hubby, Matt Henderson. They invited me to be a part of their recording, as well as their release event, where I again created paintings. The new album is “Love Like Fire,” and you can read about it here. Not sure how you can actually purchase this one, but I’ll get in touch with Jorie to find out, and let you know soon….

Two Paintings: “Seeing Red”

painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Seeing Red I” by Mollie Walker Freeman
Seeing Red by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Seeing Red II” by Mollie Walker Freeman

Red has always been my favorite color. Not really sure why that is. But, I learned that there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, even the color I love. In fact, my college painting professor used to tell us that colors lose their meaning when overused.

Here are a couple of abstract paintings in which I tried to use red in a good context. I wanted a context that would show off my favorite color. I like the result.

These paintings now belong to my daughter. It warms my heart that she appreciates them.