Early Dance Paintings

"Grace" - painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
"Dancer" -painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Dancer” by Mollie Walker Freeman, 2001 (SOLD). This was the first expression of my love affair with dance.

Dancers have captured my heart! I’m a little biased, I suppose, since 4 of my 5 kiddos are dancers. They even inspired me to take classes myself, which I did for several years. Having seen the whole thing up close, I have a solid appreciation for what dancers do.

So, about 18 years ago, I painted my first dance painting. For artists, it’s a mixed bag of emotions to review old work. Everything from, “What in the world was I thinking?” to, “Wow, that’s better than I remember,” and, “Why don’t I paint like this anymore?” may be going through my mind as I look through pieces from years gone by.

I remember these pieces fondly, and remember the people who now own the paintings, as well as what inspired them in the first place. I went on to paint many paintings of dancers, and there will probably be more to come. I hope so, anyway.

"Grace" - painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Grace”  2003, by Mollie Walker Freeman

“Monarchy” – A Portrait Of Dali

"Monarchy" by Mollie Walker Freeman
"Monarchy" by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Monarchy” painting by Mollie Walker Freeman (SOLD)

Loveland, Colorado is home to a wonderful public museum and gallery, The Loveland Museum Gallery. In a smallish town, it seems nearly miraculous to find internationally and historically acclaimed artwork from the likes of Arthur Stieglitz or Christo and Jeanne Claude (whose art is coming soon!). Artists from all over Colorado also have the privilege of showing work at this wonderful gallery. Myself included.

A few years ago, there was an exhibit of smaller works by Salvador Dali here at our museum gallery. Local artists were invited to create works inspired by Dali, so naturally, I wanted to do a painting of Dali, himself. I find the man’s art interesting, but the man, Dali, even more interesting. Dali was well-known for his eccentricity, and there are many photos available of Salvador Dali in costume, or otherwise distinguishing himself (like with intense facial expressions). Perfect fodder for a fun portrait!

This painting now hangs in the home of a couple of neighbors and fellow art appreciators. The fact that they get a kick out of looking at it brings a smile to my face.