“Community” – Painting With Scott

"Community" by Mollie Walker Freeman and Scott Freeman
"Community" by Mollie Walker Freeman and Scott Freeman
“Community” is a painting Scott and I did live for a volunteer dinner for Loveland Museum Gallery this fall.

My husband, Scott, and I have both been doing live painting for years. He mostly does choreographed, perfectly-timed, planned-out paintings set to specific music. I, on the other hand, mostly do spontaneous painting to random music. I sometimes have a vague idea of what I will paint, but many times, I begin with almost no idea of what will appear as I put brush to canvas.

We recently teamed up for our very first live painting collaboration. The Loveland Museum Gallery invited us to do a piece for their annual volunteer appreciation dinner. We love our museum, and were happy for the opportunity. We enjoyed a lovely evening with the folks from the museum.

We also learned that it is possible for us to merge our ways of working. Partly planned, partly spontaneous, thought out but with lots of latitude – this painting was lots of fun to do!


My New Kids’ Book: The True Story of Christmas

This is a post about my artist-husband’s new book. Scott is an extraordinary painter, but he is also an author/storyteller. Enjoy!

Art & Life Notes

Blg full spread

After 30 years of marriage and raising 5 kids together, Mollie and I have accumulated a beloved little collection of illustrated Christmas storybooks. When I worked at Hallmark Cards, the Creative Library there would bring in some of the best Christmas books on the market, and I ordered a few of my favorites for my kids (and for Mollie and myself!)

Some we bought for the great artwork, some we bought for the story. The best ones combined both. An important part of our Christmas season included slowing down, snuggling up, and reading Christmas stories to the kids in the evenings in December.

But I could never find a book like the one I’m making available to you and your family today.

Special care has been taken in The True Story of Christmas to remain as true to the biblical narrative as possible while still keeping the story accessible and…

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Attitude In Blue

"Attitude In Blue" painting by Mollie Walker Freeman


There is a very nice show up at the Creative Framing Gallery in Louisville, Colorado. Okay, I have to say that, because I am a featured artist in the show. But still, I do like the work, in general, quite a lot. Here’s a painting by a lovely lady I met, who is originally from Colombia, but has lived in Colorado for a number of years. Her name is Ana Maria Botero. This particular piece is not in the gallery. I pulled it from her website. Her abstract and colorful work instantly attracted me, which may not be a surprise to you, if you are familiar with my tastes!

This dance painting, “Attitude In Blue,” is my latest. I turned it in to the gallery today, along with the other dance painting I recently did, to replace the 3 paintings which have sold since the opening of the show last month.  I don’t think I will ever tire of painting dancers.

"Attitude In Blue" painting by Mollie Walker Freeman
“Attitude In Blue” by Mollie Walker Freeman, 30″ x 40″