Be The Light


Northern Colorado is home to many wonderful churches. A group of friends are getting together regularly, meeting in various churches, to make music and art while worshiping God together. It’s a way to actually be a part of the answer to Jesus’s prayer in the book of John, chapter 17. He was praying that His followers would “be one.” He was asking for unity among churches, which are really one big church.

Jesus also talked about letting our “light shine.” We generally take that to mean that we live out the kindness and love that God shows to us by, in turn, showing it to other people.

Last night, I had the pleasure of painting during one of these gatherings, along with 4 other artists. Two of the other artists were under the age of 9, which was great! This is the painting that I did, and I wish I had snapped more photos, so you could see the other artists’ work. Perhaps next time…


Black Bird (What’s Up With The Bird?)

BlackBird2016Birds are pretty cool. The shapes they make are intriguing to me. I realize that, for some reason, birds sort of get a bad literary rap. In the Bible, for example, there’s the whole thing about birds in a basket on top of a guy’s head signifying that he’s about to be hanged. Not sure what that’s all about. Still, I like birds. And, they fly. That alone is enough of a reason to like them.

With all this in  mind, my long-time interest in birds is finally materializing in some pictures of these lovely creatures. We shall see where it all goes over the coming weeks, but I have a whole series in mind, I think, featuring birds, and probably, people.