Let Heaven Come


Angels might be blue, right? Or orange? Some say they don’t really have wings or halos. Never having seen an angel, I like to imagine them as colorful and shiny. Some accounts I’ve heard report they are very large, but the Bible says that some of us have “entertained angels without knowing it,” which makes me think they don’t always look extraordinary.

The thing I do know about angels is that they are around all the time, and most of us cannot yet see them. I was thinking about angels as I was preparing for the recent Northern Colorado Worship Night. This is the painting I did during that event, which I’m calling “Let Heaven Come,” in keeping with the theme of the evening. (The size is 2′ x 3′). The painting of Jesus, below, was done by my friend, Eric Holmlund. ¬†As I recall, it’s about the same size as my picture above. Nice work, Eric!



Painting The Great Outdoors


Being outdoors is one of the best parts of living in Colorado. It’s the reason so many people move here, since there are so many beautiful places to hike, ski, fish, and generally enjoy mountains, rivers, and animal life. Plein Air painting is popular among the artists of my home state. My artist husband, Scott, has done quite a bit of painting close to our home. I painted this one of him, “My Painter,” a few years ago. It’s done in oil, which was once my primary medium. Now, it’s rare for me to use oils, though I still like them.

Landscape painting has never been my favorite. However, I do appreciate a great landscape! The piece below, “Near Sylvan Dale,” is of one of the many striking areas within a few minutes of where I live. This little piece does not do it justice, of course, but it was fun to paint.