Remembering Passover


On Friday evening, friends once again gathered together from many Northern Colorado churches to pray and worship. We plan to meet again in June, due to May being so crazy for folks who have school children in their lives.

Since it was Passover week, there was a focus on remembering how God’s angel of death passed over the Children of Israel, so long ago. We also remembered the sacrifice of our Passover Lamb, Jesus, who now passes over all who are marked by His blood.

The crucifixion is something I have not painted until now. I never feel I can do the subject justice. However, I felt inspired to paint this on Friday. Go figure. It’s my little offering of remembrance.

This painting, “Remembering Passover,” is 24″ x 30″ I think.


More Birds


This little 12″ square painting (Blue Water Bird) is the next one in my current bird series. I like using these small canvases and boards – the whole thing can be completed in and hour or so. Plus, it’s a small commitment, so if the picture turns out unsatisfactorily,  I don’t feel too bad about it.

The painting below (Bird In Blue And Brown) was done a couple of weeks prior to the one above. It’s based on an old mosaic, which helps account for some of the strange color/design. This one is also 12″ square.