Friends: Love Rules


Sometimes color just takes over. I’m not sure if a 12″ square can have too many colors, but this one may be pushing the limit! Anyway, some of my favorite painters also have used lots of saturated color, so at least I feel I’m following in their footsteps in some small way.

Value is really what defines an image, I suppose. I’m enjoying experimenting with using some unexpected colors in values that work to support an image. Edges come and go, with some defining while others are implied. That way, the fun of the textures from underneath layers of paint remains. I made an honest attempt to hold back a bit on the saturated color…

My husband, who is fine portrait artist, thinks the person on the right looks just like our “adopted German daughter,” Klara. Maybe a little, which makes me like this little painting, since it reminds me of our dear German friend.