Painting At “Undone”


Last month, I was again invited to paint during worship at a women’s conference called, “Undone.” Worship was led by Kim Smith, and some other musician friends (excellent all!) It seems God likes art, music, and the gathering of people when they are looking for Him.

I had the thought to paint colorful faces of sisters. So, I was thrilled when, after the service, a woman approached me and related her story about the women in her family. She has created a “wall of women” in her home, to honor her daughters and daughters-in-law, as well as other female relatives. Like other families, there are great and small tales of heroism, adventure, overcoming endurance, and great love. What a wonderful way to honor those memories!

The woman said that God had been speaking through this painting, to her, about the women in her family. Another woman had a similar experience as I was painting the other picture, “Throneroom III.” Each of these women went home with a piece of art that will, hopefully, continue to speak to their hearts. Creativity is really a gift for all of us, because our Maker is so creative!