Heaven Touches Earth

Just before the last NorCo Worship and Prayer Night (June), this image floated into my mind’s eye. Portals tend to show up in my paintings (as circles). Ladders are also a frequent theme. Portals suggest God breaking through to reach us on earth, while ladders denote humans attempting to connect with heaven.

There is also the idea of vertical lines representing our relationship with God, and horizontal lines, our relationships with one another. This is not unique to me, but I’ve been chewing on it for years.

The image I ended up painting is my attempt to put on canvas what appeared in my mind that day – a sort of combination of the portal and the ladder. This is, at least theoretically, an important picture for me because I am convinced that life is all about relationship. As messy and frustrating and disappointing as they can be, I’m trying to get better at relating to other people and God. I think the real stuff of life is there.