Mollie Walker Freeman

Life is all about art. Art is about life – but not just what we see and experience at first glance. Through art of all kinds, we have the opportunity to express and explore what otherwise would only exist in our thoughts, in our hearts.

I began making pictures almost before I could talk. I’ve never really stopped. In art college, I learned about seeing and painting, as well as other artists. In the years since then, I’ve raised 5 creative kids, along with my artist husband, Scott Freeman. We make our home in lovely Loveland, Colorado.

People remain my favorite subject. They say you “can’t take it with you,” but I believe that relationships with other people, and with God, are all that we can actually take with us into eternity. Sometimes, abstract images help to represent such transcendent themes. Sometimes, it’s just fun to paint outside the lines.

Some of my favorite artists are Emil Nolde, Wolf Kahn, Ruth Shively, Wilbur Niewald, Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty, Gustav Klimt, Laurie Zuckerman, Sandy Beegle, and Scott Freeman.

Garden of Emil Nolde
Germany is a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. Scott and I had the honor of visiting the studio, home, and garden of twentieth century painter Emil Nolde a few years ago. We were inspired, to say the least!

2 thoughts on “Mollie Walker Freeman

  1. Mollie, I just happened upon you today looking for a notecards with Jacob’s ladder on it. Your card popped up on some site and I googled you! I thought I would touch base with you. I LOVE your artwork. I am ordering 24 of the Jacob’s ladder III note cards. If you have any other rendering of that Scripture I would love to see them. Thanks and blessings, Anne Cochran


    1. Anne, thanks so much for your message! I do have other images of Jacob’s Ladder, as it’s been a very important passage to me, personally. And, I believe it reveals a beautiful slice of the heart of God. I will send you a private email message as soon as I have a few free minutes.


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